Project Run and Play iCandy’s Roxy Redo

Project Run and Play iCandy’s Roxy Redo

This weeks challenge had us in a bit of a pickle: how to stay true to the pattern {so you could still tell which pattern we used} but still distinguish ourselves from everyone else!  We had a tough time deciding which direction to go!  But we started with a darling little Roxy shirt that was just too short to wear:


From there we rifled through our closets and came up with a couple other odds and ends to coordinate and make the shirt into an easy-breezy, raw-edged, beach-y number that might look like it came from Roxy, herself.


 We followed the pattern to a T, all the way up to the neckline and the sleeves.  When we got there, we cut them both straight off and tied out a little halter with a raw-edged tie.

Then, to make it a little more fun, on the back we added a little peek-a-boo triangle that we embellished with a big, accented button.

To top the outfit off, we accessorized our roxy-chic with a darling little bag, to stow away all the little precious gems that can be found along the seashore, a pair of strawberry-shortcake-esque leggings and a headband to match.
We think we remixed just enough to bring out our own personality while still staying true to the original Sienna Dress pattern.
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