DIY Sail Away With Me Dress

DIY Sail Away With Me Dress

In case you missed it, this was a guest post I did a while back (May?) for
Me Sew Crazy‘s
Pattern Remix Series
When Jessica asked me to be a part of this fun series, I was so excited.
This is what I do.
I pattern remix.
Most of the time when I sew, I take an existing pattern and revise and embellish it.  MUCH easier than drafting a pattern. (Though I AM trying to do that a bit more… it’s a learning process…)
When I saw this Shabby Apple dress
I loved it.
The idea, anyway.
Using this as my inspiration, I created a dress with similar elements:
But I wanted it to be my own design.
I chose this pattern:
McCalls 6279
and made the following changes:

1. I cut the neckline of the front pattern pieces lower.

2. I took a VERY LONG strip of fabric, folded it in half lenghwise, and gathered the raw edge.  I sewed it all the way up the front of the dress, and around the neckline, replacing the collar.

3. I didn’t like the way the ruffled sleeve stuck out from my body, making me look like a linebacker, so I draped new sleeves and embellished them with a smaller version of my buttons.

{draping process with scrap fabric}

4. I lengthened the sash so I could have a nice bow.

5. I lengthened the hemline a bit.

6. I omitted the second row of buttons.

7. I painted and stained my buttons!

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