Quiet Book Part 1

Quiet Book Part 1

Growing up, we had a quiet book that came with us to church.  It was made of felt and I can still remember playing with it.  I think my mom made it back in the day.

So when Emily was about 1 1/2, I wanted to make one for her and her future siblings.  I got 2 more friends involved, and we did a swap.  We would each make 3 of whatever page we did, saving both time and money.  Much easier to do repeats than create a whole new page. Doing it this way was so fun, because you got pages you wouldn’t have thought to make.

It turned out that some pages were super simple, others more elaborate.  After all was said and done, we ended up with a great mix.  Both my kids love to play with them.

For the size, we chose to make them square, about 8″ x 8.” The pages were made out of felt, with colorful fabric sewed onto the back for stability.  Then we put little grommets on the side to put rings in.  We made lots of pages, so they could be switched out periodically.

I remember when we made these, that I went online and searched and searched for cute ideas.  At the time there weren’t that many.  I don’t know what is out there right now but I thought I would show you the pages we made.

Here is the first group (more to come on Thursday!)

 Simple shapes attached with velcro.
 Foam stickers worked great, again attached with velcro.
I cut out the ukulele shape out of Hawaiian print fabric, then “laminated” it with iron on vinyl.  I sewed that onto the felt shape, and inserted a piece of cardboard between the felt background and the fabric backing.  The strings are gold elastic tied through the cardboard and knotted on the other side.
 My friend inserted a mirror into this one, not sure how she did it!  Graphics were done printing them onto  iron-on transfer paper and then transferring them onto fabric.
 Used iron-on transfer for the basket and fruit. Sewed a zipper to the top of the basket for the fruit storage, and sewed the fruit “printed” fabric onto the felt.  Used magnetic snaps for this one.
Used iron-on transfer for the nest, and made the eggs attach with velcro, and sewed them so that the baby chickie could go in and out.  Mother hen’s wing lifts up so chickies can be with mama too.
Stay tuned for more to come….

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