(iCandy) cradle redo

a few weeks ago, i had a few of my best girls come to town for a little reunion, and one of the fun things we did was to hit up a local swap meet.  I didn’t come away with a lot of purchases, but on the way out, my friend and I saw this little toy cradle that was pleading with me to give it a make-over!  It cost me $3 (with some superior bartering skills by my friend Tara)!
I just finished re-making a little doll bed for my little girlie, so I really didn’t need this, but I thought it would make a fantastic photography prop for my friend Kim
 here is what the little beaut looked like before: 
plain wood, stickered up, and a Crusty-Von-Nast “mattress” that I could barely stand to touch.  
But for $3, it is in awesome shape!

 All I did was:
-sand paper it like crazy
-primed it with white spray primer

-sprayed it white
-sanded it down again{just a little}
-sprayed it with top coat
-Cut a $7 chunk of that green foam from JoAnns down to size
-hot-glued the foam to the existing “mattress” board
-staple-gunned a small piece of white minky around the foam to the board
Lucky for me, I have a fabulous photographer friend {get excited, Nor-Cal, she is now working in San Jose and Orange County, by the way} that I could bribe into taking some pictures for me.
And another fabulous friend who happened to just have the most beautiful little baby girl, Lottie to make the cradle look even sweeter!
i LoVe it!
Lottie’s Headband Tutorial (the Box Fold Flower)
Photographer: Tickled Pink Studios {San Jose, CA & Orange County, CA}
{tiny models: Lottie in Yellow and Lola in Turquoise}

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