fun in the sun(dress) Reversible Tunic

I am sure you have seen today’s guest’s creations and tutorials all over the crafty blogosphere.  
She is seriously amazing.  
Her creations are so adorable, and to top it off, 
she has just made an international move and still said yes to guest posting! 
We are so happy to have her.  
But before she shows her stuff, here are some of her amazing creations, if you (???) are new to her blog.
I need to make one of those.

 Did I mention her fabulous photography? (Are you drooling over this red top like me?)
And her headbands make me want a baby girl:
Take it away, Kelly!

Hi there friends! Kelly here from Sewing In No Mans Land. I was so thrilled when Jen and Autie asked me to be part of their Summer Sundress series. I have been gaga over the dresses so far and LOVE that they are amixture of Momma and Munchkin outfits! I of course had to go with a munchkin outfit. These ladies are so prepared and gave us so much time to think up an idea, so I started mulling how to make this reversible dress before I left Timor.
I would lay down at night and work through how to make it and make it as simple as possible. I wanted it to be reversible and that took some serious thinking.
By the time I got my hands on a borrowed sewing machine I had it all worked out. I wanted to make them for Ruby and Lola our friends little girls who I have bluntly informed Sawyer and Finn they will be marrying (they also have an adroable little boy for Evie!).
We have been staying with them for the past two weeks and just absolutely adore them. This dress is made in 12 simple steps and needs no pattern! You can switch up the length and wear it as a tunic like Ruby:
Or lengthen it and make the back the front for a tunic dress like Lola:
If you would like to make the tunic simply follow the simple steps.

What you will need:
1/2 yard of two fun cordinating fabrics
Sewing Machine
Measuring tape
1 button
Length of elastic
Safety pin
ribbon (for embellishment)

First you need to meassure your litte cutie. Measure from her arm pit down to where ever you would like your dress to hit. Make sure to add some for hemming. Lay your your two half yards of fabric on top of each other. They should be folded in the manner they came off the bolt.
Using your measurement we are going to cut at an angle and then straight across
Now we are giong to cut the neckline
Now you can decide if you want to round the neck or if you want a tunic type neck.
Noce you are done fold the fabric so right sides are together.
If you are going to have the slit in the back you should slide a loop of elastic in between the two layers so you can have a button enclosure
When I was done I stitched a tied bow on either side of the sundress. I was going for the look that the ribbon tied through the waist 🙂
Now throw it on and head out and look for some duckies!
Or maybe have a sucker
Hope you enjoy making your own reversible sumer dress. Big hugs to Jen and Autie who were kind enough to invite me to participate in this adorable series!

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