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Today we’d like to introduce you to Chie from her blog Vivat Veritas!  
She is an amazing seamstress and her blog is so fun to look through and oogle at all the fun things she creates. She posts photo shoots and her inspirations for making what she does.  It’s such a fun blog! 
 i thought this Choker dress was darling…and a little audrey hepburn-ish?? here and here
 i {love} this scallop waisted skirt!  She shared the tut on Grosgrain{here}
Seriously, go peruse Vivat Veritas for a few {hours}!
but first, get excited for her Sun{dress}
take it away, Chie!

Hello! My name is Chie, and I blog over at Vivat Veritas about handmade clothes, sewing and my various fashion inspiration. I also sell my handmade goodies at my etsy shop. I’m so excited to be able to participate in iCandy handmade’s “Fun in the Sun” {dress} series! Summer is my favorite season. During the summer months I am always wearing light weight sun dresses. I live in Japan, and the summer months here can get quite steamy!

Today I’m sharing how to make this easy sundress/tunic. This is great as a beach cover-up, something to throw on top of a bathing suit.

I found this cute fabric at Ikea the other day. It was 499 yen (about 6USD) per meter, and I just had to grab it! The fabric has pineapples, fish, lobsters, cherries and other fun sea animals all over the white background. It’s 100% cotton, which is great for hot weather, it both breathes and absorbs moisture!

This dress is really easy as you can make it out of two rectangle fabrics. I love easy projects using rectangles, and if you are interested, check out my other tutorials for reversible paper bag skirt and poncho top🙂

I can think of many different variations of this dress: use two different color fabrics for dress and ruffle, add lace at the hemline, make a sash in contrasting color…etc.

❤Materials needed❤
– Fabric: I used 1 meter to make this tunic. If you want it to be longer, you would want 1.5 meter to 2 meters.
– Thread
– Elastic band

❤Measurements needed❤
– Your hip measurement
– Your high bust measurement


1) Cut fabric – You need two rectangles, one for the dress portion, and the other for ruffle portion.
Dress: The width will be your hip multiplied by 1.5. The length should be whatever length you want the dress to be. I made mine 24″.
Ruffle: The width should the same as the dress width (your hip multiplied by 1.5). The length should be 5″.

2) Hem the ruffle bottom line.

3) Place the right side of the ruffle on top of wrong side of the dress, and pin. Sew two parts together.

4) Turn so you see the right side of the ruffle on top of the right side of dress. Iron.

5) Sew a straight line from 0.5″ from the top to create a loop for elastic band to go in.

6) Cut an elastic band for your high bust measurement.

7) Insert an elastic band into the loop you created in step 5), using a b0dkin.

8) Sew both ends of the loop openings to hold the elastic band.

9) Fold the dress with right sides facing in, so the side seams meet. Sew the side.

10) Hem the dress.

❤Optional 1❤
You can make a small loop and sew it on the middle of the top front so you can insert a neck strap.

❤Optional 2❤
Make a sash to tie around waist.

And you are done! Happy sewing!



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