fun in the sun(dress) Candy

Get excited for Nette of Nette Vivante!  
I enjoyed scrolling through post after post of her blog and found several fun projects to drool over!  Here are a few of my quick favorites:
Her Salmon-colored Easter Dress-Blouse:
{i love the v-neck line!}
ps, isn’t she cute?!?
Her amazing braided, huh?  
i want one, nette!
and this fun project which she was inspired by a vintage picture of her mom…check out this post to read about it!  I love that idea, and it makes me want to look at some of MY mom’s old pics!

 Now, get ready for this darling dress she’s given you a tut for!  
Here’s Nette!


Hi lovely readers of iCandy handmade. My name is Nette and usually I blog over at my own blog called nettevivante, where I mainly share my sewing projects, but also other crafty and inspirational things. I felt so honored, when I was asked to participate in this series with all the amazing other guest bloggers and just grabbed this chance. Thank you Jen & Autie for having me!

So what I would like to share with you in my guest post is a free pattern and instruction for a dress I drafted myself recently. 
A simple sleeveless A-line shift dress with bust darts, low back and a detailed scallop shaped circle collar. 
Except the effort needed for the circle neckline, I think this is a fun and easy-peasy project, which can be accomplished on a rainy afternoon in order to wear it on the next sunny day!
I made my own version using rosé dupion silk. I think dupion silk is just perfect for this A-line dress, because it is not only naturally perfect for warmer days, but also because though it is relatively light-weight, it is a little stiff at the same time.
I guess, you can see why I named this dress ‘Candy Sundress’. Usually, I am not such a shiny person, but this silk-matt shine of dupion silk definitely has something that caught my eye! 🙂
So,what I like especially on this dress is the collar. It seems like a simple scalloped collar looking from afar, but actually, it is made out of 15 semicircles.
Yes, this is indeed a lot of work, but I think the effort totally pays off. I hope you like it and maybe try it yourself! And if you do, please let me know, how it worked for you and maybe show me your finished ‘Candy Sundress’!
Download the instructions and the pattern for free.
Take care everybody and have a wonderful summer! I am looking forward to see your designs!

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  3. Thank you for sharing such stunning and classic Sun Dress. I will definitely try to recreate this dress, it a timeless beauty.

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