fun in the sun(dress) All in the Details

We are thrilled to have Katy with us from No Big Dill today!
If you haven’t been to her blog before, prepare a few hours for yourself, because she is amazing, and so fun to read…and oogle!
I could have posted a million things, but here are a few of her tuts that i {love}!
i love the profile of this cardigan!  make me one, Katy!
this is a darling way to prettify a space!
oh, these remind of little Bo Peep…I’m totally going to make these!
Seriously, just go look yourself, you’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away!
take it away, Katy!
I am so pleased to be here to celebrate Fun in the Sun{dress}!  What a fantastic idea, especially since we have more summer here than any other season.  I have made several versions of this dress and have the basic tutorial on it over at my blog, reposted from a previous guest appearance.  I suppose I continue to make this dress because o1 it is so simple o2 it is easy for my girls to get on and off and o3 it looks cute at any length: short, maxi-length, or even tunic length.  I love versatility 🙂

One question I get asked frequently is how I choose my fabric and where I get it.  I know there are gobs of fabulous designer prints out there, but I really don’t do a whole lot with them, because I like a piece I make to look like my own style.  For this dress, I couldn’t get much simpler: linen/rayon blend in white.  It’s not an expensive fabric, nor hard to find, 
but here is my secret: it’s all in the details.
I love a bit of hand embroidery on a piece. I think it sets a garment apart nicely from mass produced clothing you’d find everywhere.  I just did a simple chain stitch across the bottom, right above the hem.
Chain stitch tutorial-  
I added a sea blue glass bead every so often.
 I also like to use the chain stitch to embroider my “tag”

I used the same color brown in 1/4″ bias tape to accent the top of the dress as well as the sleeves.
Some simple guidelines to help you: 
Keep it simple and don’t feel like you need to add bows to it just because it’s a dress.
 Length is important.  If you make it too long, but not maxi length, it will look awkward and homemade (in a not so good way).
 Experiment with accent colors and notions you already have lying around.
 Maybe those buttons you’ve been hanging onto for just the right project?
Play with different stitches and types of thread/floss.   Using a silk floss will give a fun sheen to your work, or try a simple decorative machine stitch.
And, of course, have fun with it!
Thank you, Jen & Autie, for having me here!

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