DIY Three-Part Harmony Dress

DIY Three-Part Harmony Dress

When I saw
I just knew I needed to make a little girls version. So I got to work.
For starters, I am a knit/jersey hater.  At least to sew on.
Until I conquered the fear with this project.
Why the fear? Because almost every knit project I have ever attempted has resulted in failure.
But with a little determination and renewed hope, I got started and made a tank top. Then a skirt.
Then attached the two, a beautiful three-part harmony.
(I know, cheesy, huh!)
A {3 in 1} tutorial for you! 
in a minute…. first I have a confession to make.
When I made the tank top, it was intended for Emily, who is 5. Due to limited stretch in the fabric, it turned out too small. So Ivy got a dress.  But Emily was sad. The striped fabric was actually a woman’s shirt, and there wasn’t enough left for another tank.  Thank goodness Autie had some turquoise and white striped jersey, and so dress #2 was born for Emily!
 We left the sash off of this one, Emily liked it better this way!
Faux-Smocked Waistband

Materials Needed:

An existing tank OR knit fabric (less than 1/2 yard)
decorative elastic trim (see photo below)
ballpoint sewing machine needle
2″ wide elastic
Contrasting color cotton for skirt (3/4 yard for small child)
coordinating thread

So there you have it, there might be a better way for attaching the skirt to the top, but this way was super easy and worked great for me!

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  1. Did I miss a step? I am not sure when to close the back of the skirt up? Should it be before I insert the elastic or after? Thanks in advance!

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