(tutorial) faux bow tie

Remember this awesome fabric that I loved from  Raspberry Creek Fabrics?
In honor of Father’s Day, {and my dad, who I have never personally seen wearing a ‘long tie’ in my life}, I had to make a buddy for the faux tie tutorial that we did in April for Easter.  So, I give you…
The Faux Bow-Tie

Easiest tie you’ll ever make!
Here’s what you’ll need
A scrap of fabric
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
1- 4×6′ cut of fabric
1-3.5×5″ cut of fabric
1-2×2.5″ cut of fabric
1 13.5″ piece of elastic (that size fits my 41/2 year old)
Fold the first two rectangles in half the “hamburger way” with right-sides together to give you a 3×4 rectangle, a 3.5×2.5 rectangle
(if you fold them the opposite way, you’ll end up with a long, skinny tie, which isn’t what you’re looking for!)

Fold the 2×2.5″ cut of fabric the “hot dog way” to give you a 1×2.5″ rectangle
sew around the raw edges of each leaving a small opening to turn them each right-side out.
Trim the corners
Turn them all right-sides out and whip stitch the openings closed with your needle and thread.
Iron the rectangles flat (here are the two bigger rectangles)

Using your smallest rectangle (the 1×2.5″ rectangle) fold it in half, and sew the raw edges together with a 1/4 inch seam.
Turn inside out
thread your elastic through that loop and sew ends of elastic together

Layer your two larger rectangles on top of each other

Accordion fold them and slip them through the hole as well.  (I use this awesome tool to pull the fabrics through…it’s awesome!)

Hand tack the tie into place behind the “knot” and you’re done!
{happy Father’s day to my cute Dad!}
(photograph by Lindsey Briggs}

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