DIY Cheap ‘n’ Easy Thank-You Cards

DIY Cheap ‘n’ Easy Thank-You Cards

After Emily’s 5th birthday party, I mentioned to Autie that I needed to go buy thank-you cards.  Since she had close to 18 kids at her party, I knew I would have to buy maybe 3 packages of them.
Autie gave me the greatest idea. She said that she went to Costco and just printed out pictures of Ivy and wrote the thank-you on the front.  So I went one step further, and printed some out at home!  Took me about 10 minutes and a few pieces of matte photo paper.

In Photoshop Elements, I first I cropped an image to the size I wanted the card to be. Then I added the words,  “Thank You!” to the picture.  I copied and pasted 9 of them onto a page.

Then I printed them out, cut them, and wrote the thank-you on the back.
Easy and I didn’t have to buy anything or leave the house.
The kids loved them, because they got a picture of their friend,
and the parents thought it was a really cute idea.
Go ahead, save yourself some money too, next time!

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