fun in th sun(dress) Parfait

I am so happy to introduce to you Adey from The Sew Convert.  
I adore Adey’s blog.  She is one of the most prolific seamstresses I have seen in blogland.  
I can’t believe how many clothes she has made for herself since she started her blog.  
She makes you want to spend more time sewing- so inspiring!
I love so many of her amazing creations, but I can only spotlight a few:

Kaftan: (isn’t she the cutest??)
 Such a pleasure to have you, Adey!

Hello everyone!

It’s so great to meet all of you here at iCandy’s fun in the sun(dress) series! I am Adey from The Sew Convert and I’m thrilled to be here. As a fabrics and sewing patterns addict, I try my best at stash busting whenever possible to give myself the perfect excuse to add on to my collection. So, this sundress was made entirely out of stuff I already have in my sewing room. I’m also a very passionate about sewing and have committed myself to sewing at least a garment a week as a contributor to The Sew Weekly Challenge.

I’ve been dreaming of sewing up Colette Pattern’s Parfait for sometime now and this dress came to mind immediately when I thought of fun in the sun!

For the summer dress, I decided to use a vintage reprint cotton voile from my stash and lined the skirt portion for opacity. I love wearing cotton voile, it’s just so super light weight, buttery and comfortable even on a hot and humid day. However, on hindsight, the structure of the dress might have looked better if I have used a normal weight cotton as this version has a tendency to sway endlessly in the wind. Nonetheless, I love how it turned out and can’t wait to create more versions of it for daily wear. It’s weather perfect for Singapore, where I live.

The fabric is red and white gingham with white and orange daisy print.

For contrast, I embellished the shoulder straps and sweetheart neckline with blue piping. The same blue buttons were used to secure the shoulder straps and at the cute gathered pockets.

If you are keen to give piping a try, I have an easy-to-follow tutorial up on my blog.

As with all other Colette Patterns I have tried (Macaron, Lady Grey and Oolong), this came with a detailed step-by-step instructions booklet and perfect explanation on how to put the pieces together. There is also a bonus, the flap at the back of the booklet to store the pattern pieces, ample space for every piece without a struggle. I’ve been using size 6 for Colette Patterns and likewise, the fit was pretty good for this one. I didn’t make any fitting adjustments at all. My only deviation was to sew the shoulder strap buttons on without creating buttonholes.

My favorite details are the gathered bodice, the gathered pockets and the shoulder straps. If I were to do anything differently the next time, I would like to lengthen the skirt.
I’m 5 feet 7 so the dress length was a little short for me.

I hope you find my review helpful and have fun making your own perfect sundress!

Have a blessed weekend!


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