(mini-tut) ruff(led)-neck tank

i bought a shirt from Old Navy on Saturday for my little tiny, Ivy. 
(doesn’t she look happy? yikes) 
i immediately thought that it might be an easy one to try to ‘knock-off’
so, here’s my attempt.  

here’s the original Old Navy tank:
i got a bunch of knit when i took a trip up to the LA fabric district a few weeks ago…(why did I buy a bunch of knit when I’ve never sewn with it?  sheesh…I have no idea, but i loved it and it was sooo cheap-I-mean-cheap!)
Lay your original tank on top of the striped knit and, leaving a 1/2″ margin. Cut the shape of the front and the back…
Also, cut 1-2″ x 24 inch piece of the stripes for the ruffled-collar (see below)
 For the sleeve and collar binding, cut a 1 1/2″ strip of contrasting knit.
 Lay the front and back piece, right sides together, on top of each other, pin, and sew down both sides AND the two shoulder straps.
hello, I also hemmed the bottom up 1/2 and inch, but didn’t take a pic, sorry!
(note…I did switch out my foot at this point and used my walking foot.  I have been nervous to sew with knit because of the stretch.  I figured that my walking foot would pull both layers through at the same time.)  Also, I only folded my hem up once because knit doesn’t fray, so I figured it wouldn’t matter either way!)
 here’s what I got: that was the easy part!  Set aside.
Next, take your 1 1/2″ strip, fold it in half and irod the heck out of it to make a strong line.  
Then open it up, and fold both edges into the center like so:
Then fold it in half, and iron the heck out of that so it won’t budge.  
Next, make a sandwich…just stuff the raw edge of the arm hole, beginning at the top shoulder seam, into the middle of that folded strip of contrasting fabric, and pin it.
This is what it looks like:
Then, again, I used my walking foot, stitch a line as close to the inside as you can, trying not to stretch the fabric as you go.  
Repeat for the other arm hole, and the back of the neck (from shoulder seam to shoulder seam)
back view
All that’s left is the ruffle!
There are lots of ways to make this ruffle…Not sure how Old Navy did it…
All I did was stitch a line, directly down the center using my elastic thread in my bobbin.
(all you have to do is hand-wind the elastic thread on your bobbin before you put it in your sewing machine, and then set your stitch length to the longest, for me that’s a 4)
this is what you get…super fun!
ruffle from the back…see my black elastic thread?
Fold the short end over 1/4-1/2″ and pin it to the shoulder seam on one side, and then do the same thing to the other side
Next, pin the ruffle in the center of the neckline and then pin the rest of the ruffle in place around the neckline as shown:
 Stitch, switching back to regular thread and bobbin 1/2 to the right of the mid-line, and 1/2″ to the left of the mid-line.  At this point, I did trim off about 1/4″ from either side of the ruffle because I felt like it was too big…
 …and there you have your copy-cat, Ruff(led)-neck Tank.  Thanks, Old Navy!
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