(mini-tut) ironing board holder

We had an old dresser that had a few broken drawers!  I was finally able to get my hands on a free replacement for our dresser, but couldn’t bare to part with a few of the drawers!  This one especially because the face of the drawer had fallen off long ago.  It’s destined project was an easy one to choose as I’d seen this idea at House of Smiths.
  ( i loved Shelley’s vinyl idea on hers…I just didn’t have room on mine.  This lady is a serious genius!)

The need for some way to store our ironing board was starting to be essential.  We don’t have a laundry room, and in fact we have no closet (aside from the bedrooms which are stuffed to the gills) that is floor length…isn’t that weird?  So, vaccuum, ironing board, yep, they’re always out hiding in my room.  arrrgh.  So, with this idea, I have a pretty way to get it off the floor and be “put away.”

Anyway, while they just used a scrap board for their ironing board holder,  I thought this scrap drawer would work perfectly!
AND.. {my favorite} I did not buy one single this for this project…it was completely put together with stuff from the stash!  yes!
I’d painted the dresser black initially…which would have been fine, but I needed to fill in the drawer-pull holes, and a couple extra nicks with wood filler (are you cringing because it’s white?  that’s just what I had)
after I filled in the holes, I sanded it down really well
I primed it with white primer, and then sprayed a couple layers of white spray paint on top.  {and of course roughed it up a bit}
 I drilled holes 6 inches from each side to screw in the hooks (which I had left over from a previous project) and screwed in the hooks…and then to hang it up, I just drilled a couple more holes, which happened to be where the old holes were for the drawer pulls!  {I still needed to fill at least one of them in because it had turned into a gaping hole and the drawer pull wouldn’t even stay in it anymore)
Anyways, I hung it on the wall with a couple of screws we had from a curtain rod project and voila!

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