(iCandy) unique charm baby quilt

 i have a good friend named Lauren.
every quilt she makes is amazing.  She has a knack for picking out the most fun materials, from random lines that I would never put together, but they always look uh-mazing.  So, when she showed me a stack of ‘charm’-sized squares she had put together to make baby quilts.  I snatched one up…and she’s selling them!
The beauty of Lauren’s ‘charm’ packs is that they are completely unique. 
When you buy a regular charm pack, you almost always have a few squares that are really not your favorite…but they’re just part of the line, and you have to deal with them.  
So, here’s a stack of charms that no-body else has, already cut and ready to go, and all of the fabrics are top of the line fabulous.  get excited!
If you’d like to purchase one, or get more information, please contact Lauren at lauren_a_black@yahoo.com.  She only has 5 left…
I’m still practicing my quilting skills, and am always willing to practice on a baby-size quilt because they’re quick and easier to handle.  i love this one!  Don’t know anyone having a little girl any time soon, so this one’s going in the ‘to-be-gifted’ stash..

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