(iCandy) Elephant Pillow Knock Off

I just had the most awesome weekend with some of my best friends in the world!  It was busy and relaxing at the same time…and even with all of the fun things we had planned, my friend Amy had a craft that she wanted to do.  I loved her ideas, and was eager to help her with it…and even though it was at 1 in the morning, I’m so happy we did it!
She had seen a battery of pillows at her sister-in-laws house a while back, had taken a bunch of pictures of them all, and sent them to me to see which ones we could knock-off/copy.  We intended on doing several…but this is the only one that we ended up completing…more posts for later! 
Her sister-in-law evidently bought this at an amazing store in Mesa called Domestic Bliss, more specifically in Found.  I love Main St. in Mesa, all the cute shops are so fun to peruse, you MUST go!
Anyways…here is our inspiration pillow…{I wish I had that chair!}
and here’s our knock-off:
 looking at it now…there are definitely some things that are different… I never even noticed that ‘beautiful’ is spelled ‘beautyful’ in the original…dang..
the trunk curvature is off…
and I know that the letters aren’t increasing in size…but I didn’t trust my handwriting to look amazing, so we went with stamps. 
BUT, despite my flawed masterpiece, it was a fun pillow to make, and I’m excited to have it!

All we did was:
-used a disappearing ink pen to freehand an elephant silhouette.  (I just looked at the pic on the computer and tried to mimic it. )
-stuck a piece of wax paper under our canvas fabric.
-used black acrylic paint and a foam brush to fill in the elephant silhouette
-used foam stamps and the same black acrylic paint to stamp on the words
-whipped it into a pillow

life is beautiful.

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