(iCandy) bathroom cabinet

I found this cabinet at Goodwill the other day.  I’ve been sort of on the lookout for a cupboard for over my toilet for a couple of years now.  We live in a tiny rental in Huntington Beach, where parking and storage space are hard to find!  So, while I wanted my bathroom cabinet to be white, I wanted it to look more white-washed and beachy.  I paid $4 for this cupboard:
 I took it apart and spray-painted just the edges and the doors turquoise (Blue Ocean Breeze from Lowes)
 After it dried, I found some extra white paint in the garage, and painted over the turquoise.  
 Then I went after the shutters and the corners with my sander, just a little…
After the sanding, I put a couple clear top coats on, added 2 knobs from Anthro, which actually costed more than the cupboard itself, but made it extra special, and then had a professonial come and hang it up for me!  
It sure makes our tiney, yellow-ish, one-and-only, not-my-favorite bathroom, a little bit happier!

{and me, too!}

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