DIY Faux Tie

DIY Faux Tie

We had a lot of fun the other night at Craft With Me (Easter Tie-style)  We hope you can come next month!
… And now for the moment you have all been waiting for:
My Faux-Tie Tutorial
 To complete this tutorial, you’ll have to Print a PDF version of the pattern. and then tape the main piece of the tie together!

Here’s what you need:
1/4 yard of chose fabric
coordinating thread
sewing machine
needle for hand-stitching
the rest of the random stuff in your sewing box (scissors, pins, etc)
Unfold your cut of fabric and make a small fold, lengthwise, just wide enough to fit the pattern
Line up the pattern on the fold, pin and cut all three pieces
With the main pattern piece, fold up the tip of the tie just a quarter of an inch and press.
Next fold the sides adjacent to the tip, in a quarter of an inch and press.
 This should make the perfect point!
 Repeat these steps to make a finished edge.  Set aside.
 Find the liner piece, and repeat the steps listed above, but rather than doing it twice, just do it once!  Your pieces should almost completely match up
 With wrong-sides together, pin the mail tie piece and the liner piece together.
 Starting on one side, use a whip stitch to almost invisibly stitch the 2 pieces together.
 Place your knotted needle in the crook of one pressed fold.  Move it along the fold about a quarter of an inch and bring it out exactly through the pressed fold.
Insert your needle through the opposite pressed seam, move it up a quarter of an inch, and ten bring it out again, exactly through the pressed seam.  Repeat these steps until the entire bottom of the tie is stitched to the liner.  
 Next, fold the long sides of your tie in a 1/4 inch and press.  Twice.
 Fold your entire tie in half and lightly press to find the center.  Then fold both long sides in to meet in the middle.
 Use the whip stitch again to sew these two sides together.
Using your knot piece, fold and press the rectangular shaped pieces in.
Then fold your knot piece in half.
 You can use your sewing machine to sew that piece together as close to the folded edge as you can.
 Fold your knot piece in half again (the opposite way) and lightly press.  This is just to find the center.
 Take one “flap” and fold it towards the center, but not flush with the sewn part of the tie, rather bring the bottom of the flap about a quarter of an inch from your hemline, and it should line up a teeny bit over the center line that you marked with your iron.    (see picture)
Repeat with the other side.
 Fold those two flaps back so that the fold is exactly on the center line (the first line that you made with your iron) and press firmly (this is just to mark yet another line!)
Next you will unfold what you just did, and fold the knot piece in half (as you originally did) and sew up the line that you just marked.  See the next three pictures for clarification…
 (pin to hold your lines together)
 (you can see where I stitched..right along the lines that I ironed into the fabric)
 Trim excess fabric  to a ¼ inch
 Zig-zag that raw edge just for fun (this is optional, but nice to finish your edges).
 Turn the knot piece right-side out
 Tuck you’re funny pointy part inside the tie…
 This is what it should look like from the front
 This is what it should look like from the back
 Cut your elastic to the size that you’d like.  You want it loose around your little boy’s neck, so measure around his neck and then give yourself an inch to stitch it together! (for my 4 ½ year old, I cut a piece 13 ½ inches!)
Stitch the elastic ends together using a zig-zag stitch.
 Take your tie piece and loop it over the sewn elastic.
Next you will need your little boy so you can decide exactly how long you’d like it to be…You can adjust the length either way, it will just make the back piece shorter or longer depending on how tall your little man is.  (I looked it up on the internet, and technically, the tip of your necktie should hit the top of your belt…but you decide!)
 (again, my 4 1/2 year old’s tie was 15 3/4 inches in length from the fold at the elastic to the point…you decide).
When you’ve figured out how long you want your tie to be, pin it in place onto the elastic.
 Next insert both ends of your tie into the ‘knot’ piece and pull the ‘knot’ piece even with the fold of your tie piece.
 Remove your pin and stitch, using your sewing machine a straight line through the folded over portion of your main tie piece, your elastic and ONLY the back of your knot piece…(all 4 layers)  DO NOT stitch the front part of your knot piece.
…and you’re ready for Easter with a fun little fakey tie that no one will know if fake!

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