(mini-tut) egg tee

This weekend, I was trying to think of what I had on hand to make something Easter-y for Ivy.  My mind went back to the good ole It’s a Hoot Line…i stinkin’ love the bright colors of it!  
Remember how I made something fun out of the scraps from my binding from this quilt?
Well, I STILL had leftovers…and I sure as heck am not going to toss them!  So, I whipped this up last night from top to bottom in 5 minutes.
Ready for another mini-tut? (our bite-sized version of a tutorial)

All I used were scraps from my binding: (2 1/4″ strips)
and a crusty shirt that Ivy stained big time somewhere along the way…
Gather your scraps:
sew the strips together length-wise:
Iron them out:
Grab your crusty tee shirt:
Pin your scrap-piece to the inside of the shirt (wrong side).  I trimmed off the extra so it wasn’t too bulky.  I put the strips at a diagonal, but I think horizontal, or vertical strips would be cute, too.
Turn the shirt right-side out and freehand an egg-shape with a disappearing ink pen.  Make sure that the fabric underneath completely covers the egg shape.  see my pins still?
I used my walking foot to stitch the egg shape (but only because I have a tendency to stretch the stretchy fabrics).
Here’s what it looks like after you’re done stitching:  I strategically placed the egg over the stain, woo hoo.
 Here’s the inside of the shirt post-stitching:
Cut around the perimeter of the egg, leaving a quarter of an inch, or less.
Turn the shirt right-side out again and pinch just the jersey fabric, making sure to keep the fabric strips underneath far far away from your pinch…

Snip a little hole in your jersey:

Carefully, trim away the rest of the egg shape around the inside of the stitching line, leaving a quarter of an inch, or less.  
Done; stain gone!
Super cute, super fast…
Happy Easter!
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