(iCandy) Emma Pillsbury T-Shirt Refashion

I love refashioning t-shirts.  I kinda wish we had started this blog last year in the “embellish your tee” explosion, because I had so many ideas! (And I made a lot of them, too)
Now, with evolving trends, not as many possibilities…


Inspired by Glee’s Emma Pillsbury…LOVE her style, as well as this Banana Republic Tank, 
I came up with this T-shirt Redo:

I used two t-shirts, but it would also look beautiful using fabric (probably silky) as your embellishing material.  You could find a similar color to your tee, or even contrast! Maybe a white tee with a navy collar/bow…

To complete the look and further disguise the plain t-shirt it was, I added this simple sleeve detail:

 (Yes, I am disinfecting my pretzel, if you are wondering!)
…And if you haven’t watched Glee, you wont get that at all…

If you want to make one, here is the tutorial!
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