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Hi everyone!
Today, I have a special treat for you.  
I want to introduce my cousin Tricia, from home made happy.  Tricia is a busy mom of six, who is SO EXTREMELY talented.  Whether crafting, sewing, cooking, or decorating, she really shines.  Today she is going to show us her newly remodeled studio that is SERIOUSLY drool-worthy.  I can only dream…..
Hello everyone!  I’m so happy to be here visiting today!

I am a crafter at heart, and I love making things.  One of the most important things I believe women can make, is a home.  I’m passionate about creating a home environment that inspires my family.  I want everyone who passes through the front door, and especially those who reside within, to feel a beautiful peace, a refining spirit of honor and respect, and a deep sense of unity and love.

I believe that no matter what type of space we occupy, we can make it home.  My hubby and I have moved our family thirteen times in our marriage of fourteen years…so I have experience to back up this claim.  From a one-bedroom student lodging in Utah to an old high-rise apartment in Chicago, we have made our home in varied circumstances, and have always seemed to feel at home wherever we are.  With a little creativity and ingenuity, any dwelling can be transformed into a lovely place to affectionately call home.

My most recent project is our current home in Utah, where we have lived for almost three years.  I fell in love with this property as soon as I saw it.  The land itself, beautiful, with tall trees and a small backyard family farm.  But the home needed lots of TLC.  So I set to work.  And I’m still working on it!!  With small spaces to house all eight of us, I have been learning how to make the most of every corner.  To see photos of our many crazy home projects, come visit us over at home made happy…and make yourself at home!

Today, I’m going to share with you my brand new studio space.  I finished it last week, and I’m head over heels in love with it.

Well then, come on in!

The sewing desk, from IKEA, with fabric and yarn storage above.

A room view…

I love my white bookcase…I painted an old dark-stained shelving unit with an antique white to brighten it up a bit.

Antique sewing table (below).  

I’ve always wanted one, and I think it looks beautiful next to my modern IKEA sewing desk.  It adds a sweet sense of nostalgia that I love in a room.  

And as a bonus, if we have a long power outage (have you read Alas Babylon?), I just might be able to use it…it seems to be in working order!

Love the detail on the drawers…

Queen Esther (one of my heroes) and Sarah’s Easter dress from a couple of years ago.  

Too small now, but too precious to pack away.

The pattern was the village frock, from the amazing ladies at Sugar City Journal.

Lamp love.  

Purchased at a Salt Lake consignment shop.  

I’m crazy about the vintage industrial look.

Its tall sister stands over the wicker chair in the corner.

Warm, natural wood…

Dark, vintage wood…

Darling Sarah Jane print that says, “just stay little.”

To remind me that they don’t.

Idea board…

Antique desk, now an art island.  

I found it a local consignment shop, and fell in love.

There’s something beautiful about dark, worn wood accents in a fresh, white room.  Love!

Folded fabrics housed in a wire basket from Sundance Catalog Outlet.

Dress form from local Nordstrom store renovation.

Cute ironing board cover from IKEA.

I wanted to make one, but for $4.99, I couldn’t pass this one up.

Braided storage baskets from West Elm, on sale now!

This one holds mending and projects in the works.

Hooks from World Market, for art aprons and smocks.

Vintage ash pail for maps, art books, and magazines.

Thrifted vintage sewing basket for sewing supplies, tools, and odds and ends.

Our second piano sits in the corner.

On top, an array of blank canvases for painting, and other pretty things.

Our piano teacher closes the french doors during lessons, to keep the household noise at bay.  And I often close the doors during practice hours to keep the piano noise at bay…don’t get me wrong, I love to hear the kids practice, but with six kids and two pianos going at all hours of the day, it is quite noisy!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to my new studio!

Thanks for having me here today…

have a great weekend!

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