(mini-tut) Rainbow Brite’s Belt

I wanted to do this project last minute for my daughter for her to spruce up her St Patty’s day attire.  AND I planned on making one for my little boy…but the green options available at Joanns were not my favorite.  So, I’ll make one for him when I find a manly piece of webbing!
So, this project is so old-school, I used to wear these belts when I was little.  My mom used to make them for us and my dad to wear, and I’m pretty sure I had a rainbow one myself, and mom might still have it!  
There are a few differences, one being the metal D rings(mom used climbing rope)…the other being that I added velcro to keep the end from flapping around, or sticking out!
So, thanks mom, for the inspiration!
Doesn’t it remind you of good ‘ole Rainbow Brite herself?
like I said, this happens to be for St. Pat’s day…but you could just make one for a normal day!
If you want to make one for your cuties…it takes 5 minutes!
Here’s how you do it!

What you’ll need:
– polyester webbing
-2 D-rings (Joanns)
-sew-on velcro
First, melt both ends of the webbing (found at Joanns..make sure it has some polyester in it, so it melts and doesn’t just catch on fire) I did this on my gas stove (just like my dad used to…but he got in trouble for it!) but you could just use a lighter or a candle
 After you melt the edges to prevent fraying, break out your D-rings…got mine at Joanns…
 Take 2 D-rings and fold one end of your webbing over them…by like 2 inches or so.
Stick that folded end into your sewing machine and sew a rectangle with an ‘X’ through it, as close to the D-rings as possible.
On the other end of the webbing, sew a small piece of velcro in the same manner (rectangle with an ‘X”) to secure it in place.  It should be on the “pretty” side of the belt…not the part that you plan on having on the inside.  
 This is how you secure it: through both rings, and back around through 1 (sorry, was that obvious!?)
 Decide where the belt will fit on your little sprite, and sew the opposite piece of velcro on to that part of the webbing…you can use a longer strip so that it will fit for longer.  
quick and easy project…hope you try it!

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