DIY Framed Bow Board

DIY Framed Bow Board

Since we have babies on the mind this week, I thought I would show you my baby shower gift staple.

I made this particular bow board a couple of months ago for a baby shower that I hosted.  If you happen to host a baby shower, it is fun to have a bow board out as a decoration. Ahead of time, ask your guests to bring a bow/hair accessory as part of their gift.  During present-opening, you clip all the cute bows on the board for the new mom to take home.

Even if you are just attending a shower for a baby girl, this board also makes a great gift.  I usually ask the mom what their nursery colors are, and what type of wood they are using, and make one to match.  You can use any type or thickness of ribbon you want, and you can do more horizontal rows, too.  The possibilities are endless.

Want to make one? Here’s how:
(If you talented ladies don’t already know how)
Supplies Needed:
-A frame with glass (JoAnn with a coupon is a great place, Walmart, Aaron Brothers usually has a 40% off selection)
-Fabric a little larger than the frame
-Ribbon (do the math in your head for how many rows you want)
-hot glue gun
-measuring tape or ruler, chalk or other fabric marker, and scissors of course!

Step 1: Take apart your frame.

Step 2: Take the glass out, and put the rest of the frame aside.

Step 3: Cut your fabric about 1 1/2 to 2 inches larger than your glass on each side, and lay the glass on top.  Make sure that if your fabric has a print, that you line the glass up straight with the print.

Step 4: Take your hot glue gun, and start gluing your fabric to the glass as you fold it over.

Do this all the way across your first side.

When you get to the corner, fold the edge in, and glue down one side, then the other, as pictured.

Continue all the way around.  The glass should look like this when you are done.

Front View:

Step 5: Take a measuring tape or long ruler, and divide your board into as many equal segments as you would like.  For mine, since I have 4 vertical ribbons, I divided it into 5 segments.  Take chalk or some other marker and mark the divisions. Do this on both the bottom and the top.

Step 6: Lay your ribbon out on top of board, and cut about 2 inches longer than the board, on each side.

Do this for all pieces.

Step 7: Take your first ribbon, and lay it under your board with the division mark right in the middle of your ribbon.

Step 8: Put several lines of hot glue on and around the division mark.

Glue the ribbon down.

Do the same for both ends of the ribbon piece.

Follow the same steps for all the vertical ribbons.

Step 9: Lay out your horizontal ribbon piece(s) and cut 2 inches longer than board.

Follow the same steps as for vertical ribbons.

Step 10: Place your fabric covered glass back in the frame, fabric towards the front.

Put the cardboard back in.

Close up the frame, and all you need now is the bows to fill-er up!

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