(tutorial) Bunny Pots with Jillonnie

I told you we had awesome friends…You’ve seen it with Michelle at Michelle Photography, Kim at Tickled Pink Studios and Busbsie Designs, and today we have another friend to share with you: Jillonnie (get excited!)
I haven’t known Jillonnie for very long, but it seems like we’ve been friends for years.  She’s one of those people that you just instantly like, get along with perfectly, and totally admire.  She’s so fun, so real and, I’m so glad she’s one of my friends.  She had such a fun idea to do for Spring/Easter decorating.  I immediately wanted to do it, and asked her if she’d be willing to share it with you…
take it away, Jillonnie!
I fell in love with these topiary bunnies from Pier 1! I love it when I can find things at Pier 1 that I want to afford.  (that’s different than being able to afford!)  $2.95 for these cute bunnies didn’t seem that bad!  I envisioned them as my kids, so I bought 1 for each kid (4).  At first I thought I would put them all in one vase together, but that didn’t look good, so then I thought of this…
here are the bunnies: 
I went to Michaels and bought the clay pots for anything from $0.89 to $1.00. (There are different sizes)
Went home and went to work.
Read more to make your own!

This is what you need:
Clay pots from Michaels
Spray paint or toll paint (spray paint covers better, but toll paint WILL work if you have it!
Topiary Bunnies from Pier 1
1 block of floral foam
Moss or decorative glass stones from Michaels (Autie and I did it differently)
Vinyl Lettering (we used our Cricut)
1.) Spray or Paint your pots (inside and out) and let dry.
2.) Cut foam to fit into pot.  I throw a little bit of hot glue on the bottom and throw it in, or wedge it in (whichever works for you).  
3.) Name your bunnies (we used our kids names).  If you don’t have kids, or just want to do a generic spring craft, try: ‘Hop Into Spring” or whatever fits your personality.
4.) With the handy Cricut, cut out vinyl lettering.  (I used the Opposites Attract cartridge and cut them out at 1.25″, Autie used Doodletype at 1.5″–Autie’s pots were a slight bit bigger than mine…and her names are shorter!)
5.)Apply vinyl as instructed in the packaging…I eyeball mine! Not perfectly straight, but homemade looking.
6.) I have 2 girls and 2 boys and wanted to distinguish between the genders, so I used scraps of ribbon to make the smallest little bow, and glue gun it by one ear.
7.) Cut the stems to stagger the sizes to desired length.  (You don’t have to do this step if you’re doing a generic spring dec.)
8.) Shove your stem into the foam.  If it’s wobbly, just glob hot glue around the base of the stem and let it dry.  ( you won’t see it anyway)
9.) Fill the pots with moss or decorative beads.
and enjoy!

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