(mini-tut) Spring Chick Skirt

I don’t enjoy going in to Wal-mart, but when duty calls, I go.  
I’m glad I went last week, because as I walked by the kids section, I found a cheap-cheap little ruffled skirt (with the attached little shorts underneath), that I thought I could add a little Spring to.  
 i love it!
Do you want to make one, too!
Here’s how I did it!

Here’s the skirt I bought from Wal-Mart:  (it was $3.50)
 All you need for this project is 1.5 packages of Jumbo Ric-Rac, I used Canary Yellow, coordinating thread and the skirt…nothing! 
(Ivy’s a size 2…probably if you get a bigger skirt, you will need more ric-rac…but I used 1 package of ric-rac for 2 of the 3 ruffles…so you should be totally fine with 2 packages!
 Starting on the top tier, find the side seam, give yourself an inch of slack, place, or pin your ric-rac to the very edge of the hem.  Tack it down to start, and then being careful not to stretch the fabric as you sew, sew the ric rac onto the bottom of the hem.  ( I used my walking foot to insure that I didn’t stretch the skirt!)
When I got around to where I started, it worked out that the ends matched up nicely!  (lucky me!)  So, I allowed an inch or so of overlap and snipped the ric-rac on the uphill.
I was then able to just fold the ric-rac underneath itself (fold on the downhill) and hide the end.  Like this:
or this:
I repeated the same thing for all 3 tiers!  eAsY!
ps, on tier 2 and 3, my ends didn’t match up as nicely as on the first…So in those cases, I stretched or bunched a little in order for them to match…
I liked it when I finished…but it was nothing compared to when I put it on her!  
lOvE iT!
Whole Project: $5ish!
love it even more!
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