(iCandy) modcloth inspired cardi – Hats Off To Cardigan

One of the trends I have loved this past year is lace. Just the right amount of lace can look so feminine and classy.  When I saw this cardi from Modcloth (no longer in stock), I knew it would make a great thrifted sweater makeover.

So I found a tan V-neck sweater from a thrift store, I think it was from Old Navy, originally.  It was in really good condition, and the fabric was really nice. I cut it down the middle and turned it into a cardigan.

I don’t have a tutorial for this, but here is one that really make it simple to do.

To make it even easier, this is what I do:  After cutting down the middle, I fold the two new edges to the inside of the sweater.  Then I take Steam A Seam and fuse those edges down.  This really helps because the the edges won’t stretch, and you don’t need to pin it.  Then I take a ribbon, or seam binding and sew it down over the sweater edge. EASY.

For the lace part, I sewed a tube out of lace, and hand pleated it down.  Then I made the bow shapes and  sewed them down in the right spot!  Just added the buttons (which I had in my button stash) and it was done. Such an easy project, saving myself about $50.00.

Here is my version:

{Don’t you love the trash cans in the background??? I swear we will get better at this photo shoot stuff!}

Go, on refashion yourself some spring cardi’s,  It’s not summer yet….  (Or you can wait until Fall)

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