DIY Button Explosion Tee

DIY Button Explosion Tee

I was gifted a big stash of buttons that looked so pretty together, I also had a couple of my favorite Target t-shirts that needed some primping, so I put them together and this is what I came up with:
a little bit of a button explosion, but I think it turned out fun, and it was super easy and cheap!
Want to make one?  Here’s what I did: (with a little trick on buttons that maybe you didn’t know about)

What you’ll need:
-several buttons in your choice of color
-sheer knit stabilizer (I got mine at Joanns)
-iron, sewing machine, etc…

1.) Lay your buttons out on  your shirt so you know sort of how you want to arrange them (mine did not end up looking exactly this because I got a little crazy, but you just need to get an idea of where to iron on the stabilizer)

2.) Turn your T-shirt inside out and cut your pellon stabilizer to the approximate shape where you will be putting your buttons. (it does NOT have to be perfect) In my case, I wanted it near the neckline, and by the bottom left seam to wrap around to her back.

**this is what I bought: (you know, it’s that stuff that’s on the inside of your kids PJ’s)

here’s what my cut-out stabilizer looked like:

3.) Following the directions on the stabilizer, and with your shirt still inside out and place your cut-out staiblizer on the desired portion of your shirt, place a damp cloth on top of it, and with a hot iron, go over the damp cloth several times.  There will be a lot of steam!

4.) After your damp cloth has dried from the release of steam, remove the cloth and this is what you should get.

5.) Now for the buttons!  Did you know that you can sew buttons on with your sewing machine, instead of hand stitching them every time?  It’s a fun trick!  Even with my basic machine that does nothing but straight lines and zig-zags, I can do it.  In case you were in the dark like me, this is what you do.  Set your stitch length to 0 (so your feed dogs won’t pull the fabric along at all) and your stitch width (the part that makes is zig-zag) to the distance between the holes on your buttons (see next picture).  This may take a couple tries on a scrap of fabric to figure out the exact distance between your button holes.  This is what mine looked like.

It was super hard to get a good picture of the holes on my button in between my foot, but in order to figure out the distance between your button holes, just stick a button under your foot with the two holes parallel to the hole in your foot that the needle goes through and hold it in place by putting your foot down.  It should look like this, then just work your needle back and forth manually to make sure that it easily fits through both holes.

6.) Next get started sewing your buttons on.  Your shirt shouldn’t budge because your feed dogs are turned off, and you should be able to use your presser foot and zig-zag several times back and forth really fast.  After several stitches, turn your shirt the other way, and zig-zag the 2 remaining holes in your button.  I didn’t cut my threads in between each button…I just stuck them on and went to work.  The only thing that could go wrong is… break a button…{oops} in which case, you just trim off the excess thread, throw the button away, and try again.  It only happened to me once on this project.  Go slow and make sure that each time your button is centered under your foot!

7.) After all of your buttons are sewn on where you’d like them to be, trim the excess threads on the front and back.  ( I went a little crazy and sewed a button where the stabilizer wasn’t on…just have to be careful about that one!

…and you’re done!

{I kind of want to make one with all white buttons for me!}
I linked this project to: Somewhat Simple, Sisters Stuff,The Train to Crazy

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