(iCandy) valentine’s day countdown

A couple of days ago, my sister emailed me this link.  I loved it, and totally wanted to do it, so just in the nick of time for the countdown to start, here’s my valentine’s day countdown!
we used a 9.2 x 13.2 cookie sheet from the dollar tree, and little Martha Stewart wedding heart tins.  Used number stickers on top of the clear lids, and just traced and stuck valentine scrapbook paper behind the lids of each tin (no gluing involved).  The tins are attached to the cookie sheet with little magnets.
Each day, there will be a little note inside the tin telling my kids to look under their beds for a special valentine surprise, or it will announce a fun valentine craft or activity for them each day.  Soooo fun, I can’t wait for them to wake up from their nap!
…and…here’s my freaking awesome sister’s version.  EVERYTHING she does is ridiculously awesome.  She’s just got it, ya know?

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