(iCandy & tutorial) valentine’s day placemats

I happened to be browsing Pottery Barn Kids looking at their holiday decorations, and they had some Valentine’s Day placemats.  I loved the idea of having cute placemats for holidays, but I didn’t really love the ones they were selling.  So I thought it would be fun to try to make some.  I called Autie and we put our heads together to make some fun placemats for this Valentines Day, complete with a tutorial for you to follow along!  You can take this idea and run with it for just about any holiday or occasion.

{made by autie}

{made by jen)

Want to make some? Here’s how:

Supplies Needed:
*Old or Dollar-Store placemats (that will get covered up)
*Iron-on Clear Glossy Vinyl
*Background Fabric
*Accent Fabrics
*Heat n Bond (Wonder Under)
*Spray Adhesive
*Designs to Trace (We used a Cricut and cut out cardstock letters/hearts, but you could print out images on cardstock and cut them, as well, or you could freehand draw your designs)
*Cutting Tools

Step 1: Cut background fabric a little larger than your cheap or old placemats.
{Note: You can omit using the old placemat if you don’t mind a floppy, thinner placemat}

Step 2: Cut pieces of Heat n Bond or Wonder Under big enough to trace your accent designs on.

Step 3: Take your accent fabrics and iron on the Heat n Bond

Step 4: Take your lettering, and trace it onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond. {lay it out backwards, so when you stick it on, it will be the right way}

Step 5: Trace your heart {or other design}

Step 6: Cut out your fabric heart and lettering

Step 7: Peel off the paper backing from the Heat n Bond, and place onto your background fabric.

Step 8: Iron on your design.

Step 9: Stitch inside the borders of your design.
{Note: This step is optional, we just liked the look of it.}

Step 10: Take your iron-on vinyl out of the package.  Cut a little bit larger than your background fabric.  Peel off the paper backing.

Step 11: Stick vinyl onto your background fabric, on a hard surface.

Step 12: Place the paper backing, shiny side down, back over the vinyl.  Iron, following the instructions on the vinyl package. Take the paper off, and you will have a shiny fabric surface!

Step 13: Spray your old placemat with Spray Adhesive.
{Note: If you choose to not use old placemats, you would want to vinyl both sides of the fabric.   Follow the instructions on the vinyl packaging for double sided vinyl.}

Step 15: Lay your background fabric onto the sticky placemat. Smooth down, paying attention to edges.  You can weight it down with books for better results.  Let dry.

Step 16: Trim edges of the background fabric to match up with the old placemat.

Have fun creating!

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