(iCandy) matchy-matchy valentine skirt and tie

I’m a sucker for matchy-matchy holiday attire.  I walked past this fabric in Jenny’s and instantly decided that my kids needed clothes to match for Valentine’s day.  If I had twins, it would be bad news, I’d be matchy-matchy-ing them like crazy!
Anyway, I figured out the tricky part to my faux-tie pattern (it just looks like a regular tie, but really is just strung around a piece of elastic.}  I’ll share the tutorial in time to make your boys some Easter ties {I have to perfect the ins and outs first) and have a craft with me night!
and to go along with the tie, on Ivy’s skirt, I thought I’d try ‘the pleat.’
  I’ve never done pleats before, but I must say that aside from all the pinning {which I don’t enjoy}it was fun…and maybe a little therapeutic…am I weird?
awww, matchy.

hurry, make yourself some matchy-matchy….there’s totally still time!

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