(iCandy) almost mine dress

I think every project has a story.  Whether anyone {else} wants to hear that story is another story.  But I’m gonna tell you this story anyway, boring or not.

I bought this fabric at M & L Fabrics, an amazing, huge fabric shop in Anaheim, CA.  I am always looking for solid fabrics that have something interesting about them.  This particular fabric is really cool.  If you look at it from far, it looks gray, which I have been obsessed with this winter.  If you look closely, you can see that it is a weave of brown and aqua fibers.  LOVE!

It called and called to me from my stash, so I began my first dress in a long time.  I was a little ambitious.  I took a loose top pattern, and attempted to make it a fitted bodice.  I took in the sides, added tucks and darts, and changed the sleeves. I made a muslin for the first time {ever} to make sure I got the fit right. I painstakingly underlined by hand each and every pattern piece. Finally, I added the skirt and waistband and tried it on.

It didn’t fit. Tons of problems.  It was too late to make it work.  SOOOO I called Autie and she got a new dress that fit with some minor adjustments.

Sad for me, happy for Autie.  Lessons learned.

P.S. My next dress story has a happy ending for me…
…..coming soon…..

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