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(iCandy) cookie sheet calendar

When my 4 year-old was 8 weeks old, my family flew in from all over the United States to be there when he was blessed.  My sisters, mom and I did a project while everyone was together, and it was this Cookie Sheet Calendar, made from {obviously}a cookie sheet, chipboard squares, and velcro.  Each month,(…)

(iCandy) valentine v-neck

I got a tub of vintage trims and ribbons from my mother-in-law a while back.  There were several gems, but this one was my favorite.  It’s some sort of hand crocheted trim with ribbon, or biased tape slipped through each stitch…i loved it…and the colors are so fun!   So, on behalf of St. Valentine,(…)

(iCandy) matchy-matchy valentine skirt and tie

I’m a sucker for matchy-matchy holiday attire.  I walked past this fabric in Jenny’s and instantly decided that my kids needed clothes to match for Valentine’s day.  If I had twins, it would be bad news, I’d be matchy-matchy-ing them like crazy! Anyway, I figured out the tricky part to my faux-tie pattern (it just(…)

(iCandy) valentine’s day countdown

A couple of days ago, my sister emailed me this link.  I loved it, and totally wanted to do it, so just in the nick of time for the countdown to start, here’s my valentine’s day countdown! we used a 9.2 x 13.2 cookie sheet from the dollar tree, and little Martha Stewart wedding heart(…)