Lemonade Stand for Am. Girl Dolls Tutorial



No one was more excited that my American Girl Lover Ivy when I mentioned the idea of creating a lemonade stand for her American Girl Doll.  It took a little shopping to find a crate that was the perfect height (found it at Michaels finally!) and then the rest was easy!


Ivy had gotten this darling lemonade set for her birthday, and it was begging for a stand to play with.   They set it up next to their real lemonade stand and I’m pretty sure their ‘cute factor’ brought in some additional sales.  Who wouldn’t buy lemonade from an American Girl?!


The crate is empty in the back and can easily hold the lemonade props…and is exactly the right height for 18 inch dolls.


This was a very easy and quick project!  Here are the details:




1 wood crate: 11 3/4 wide x 10″ tall

2 wooden stakes: 24″

1 scrap piece of wood: 13 1/2″ wide x 5″ tall

wood glue & clamps

spray paint and primer

-optional: vinyl ‘lemonade’ lettering (cut from my sillhouette), paper and bakers twine to make bunting, staple gun

( I was only able to find the perfect sized crate at Michaels…and right next to it were the stakes at exactly the right size!)






1.) Using wood glue, glue the wood stakes to the inside edge of the lemonade stand so that pointy side points up and the edges are flush with the sides and bottom of the crate.  After I put the glue on, I put the crate, stake-side down, on the ground with a weight on top of it.



2.) Next, put glue on the tops of the stakes and clamp the scrap piece of wood to the top of it.  Make sure that the clearance is enough for your dolls to see through!





3.) Next, Prime and Paint…I used Glossy Candy Pink from Home Depot






4.) I embellished the front using some Chickaniddy paper and some Baker’s Twine and just staple-gunned it in place.





A little yellow vinyl cut using the font 2Peas Mister Giggles to finish it off and you’re all set!  fun, huh?





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