DIY Quarter Circle Skirt

When I saw this skirt from Anthropologie, I wanted the entire outfit.  I even ordered some striped voile to make a blouse like the one worn with the skirt.  I searched hi and low online to find the right navy polka dot fabric to make a similar skirt but it wasn’t in the cards.  However, one of my favorite fabric shops, Raspberry Creek Fabrics had this Heather Bailey mustard dotted rayon and I thought it would create the same effect.  It is out of stock now but this fabric would look great too.

Main Skirt

I thought about what shape I wanted and decided to try making a quarter circle skirt.  I have never made one but the amount of fullness seemed right.  I found this AMAZING circle skirt app on By Hand London.  All you do is enter your waist measurement and type of circle (1/4, 1/2, full) and whether you want a mini, midi, or maxi.  It does the rest and even tells you how much fabric you will need.  So magical.  I decided to make a midi- I love that length.

Skirt Double

They have some waistband tutorials on their site but I wanted to make mine a super simple closure with just the invisible zipper going all the way to the top.


(Don’t mind my terrible pattern matching… and this picture was the first time I noticed the changing direction of the dots from the circle shape)

Quarter Circle Skirt Tutorial:


Pattern paper, fabric, 8-9″ invisible zipper, Wonder Tape


1. Create your pattern for your skirt.  Cut out your fabric.

2. Lay your skirt so the radius of the waist is straight.  Measure.  (It will be a little longer than your waist so it won’t be super tight)  Use this measurement to cut a waist band.  Double your desired waistband width and add 1″ for seam allowances.  I cut mine 4″ wide.

3. Cut another waistband piece out of fusible interfacing.

4. Press to fuse your interfacing to the wrong side of your waistband.

5. Find the center of your waistband, and the center of the waist on your skirt.  With right sides together, pin the centers together, meeting at the top.


6. Pin the entire top of your waistband to the waist of your skirt.

7. Sew, using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

8. Finish both side edges of the skirt with a zig zag stitch or serger.

9. Take your waistband, and fold it down to find the top.  It should overlap the seam in the back about 1/2″.  Mark with pin or chalk/marker.  Repeat on second edge, making sure that marks are equal distance from the seam.

No-Fail Invisible Zipper Tutorial:


1. Lay skirt so right side is facing up.  Put both edges together.  Lay down 2 strips of Wonder Tape.

2 Lay down your invisible zipper so that the pull faces up.  Turn the teeth from facing inside to facing outside by flipping them out.  Mark where the top needs to be (where you pinned/marked earlier) and where the seamline is on each side of the zipper.  This will help you get a perfect match every time.   Stick the zipper down onto the Wonder Tape.  It will hold the zipper in place while you sew.

3. Using an Invisible Zipper foot on your sewing machine, stitch the zipper down on both sides.  Flatten the teeth as you sew to get them out of the way.  You will want to be sewing as close to the teeth as possible so your zipper is truly invisible.  You can stop sewing a couple inches before the pull.  The excess zipper will be inside the garment.

4. Once you sew the zipper into place, zip it up to make sure your seams align.


5. Turn your skirt to the inside.  Very carefully stitch up your seam under the zipper.  You might have to do this a couple of times to get it smooth.  You start where your zipper stitching ends and go to the bottom of the skirt.  This is your center back seam.

6. Fold your waistband in half with 1/2″ overlapping the seam.  Press well.  Then press that 1/2″ under.  Handstitch the waistband down over the seam, catching the under layers as you sew.  Use a whipstich.

7. Fold up the bottom hem 1/2″, press, and then repeat.  Stitch into place.


Happy Sewing 🙂