American Girl 2-layer Skirt Tut

Amgirl Pin copy

Guys, I’m so obsessed with making {this skirt} that it is my go-to skirt when I find cute fabric for my daughter.  (see, I even made it {here} for Christmas)!  So, while I was trying to come up with a fun and unique birthday present for my daughter’s friend, I immediately thought I should make matching skirts for her and her American Girl Doll.  This “harvest” skirt is the easiest thing, so it makes a perfect quick birthday gift.

Amgirl 16 copy

So, while the full tutorial for the little girl skirt is still found {here}, here is the tutorial and dimensions to make the same skirt to fit an American Girl Doll…or any 18″ doll!


-1 (25″ x 4.5″) strip of fabric for the bottom layer of the skirt (black and white stripe)

-1 (25 ” x 3.5″) strip of fabric for the top layer of the skirt (floral)

-1 (10″) strip of 1/4″ elastic

-A serger makes things easier, but is not completely necessary

amgirl 3

1.) With Right-Sides together, serge the two short ends of each strip of fabric together as shown below: amgirl 4

2.) Make a rolled hem around the bottom of each piece.  If you don’t have a serger to make a rolled hem, just try and do a tiny hem folded under. amgirl 5

3.) Next, layer the top layer inside the bottom layer, with right-sides facing out, and pin together…as shown in the next two pics: Amgirl 6 Amgirl 7

4.) Serge all the way around the top of the skirt–the opposite side from the rolled hem. Amgirl 8

5.) Next pull the bottom layer up and away from the top layer: Amgirl 9

6.) Then, tuck that bottom layer back inside the top layer.  Iron and pin it down as shown: Amgirl 10

7.) Mark 1/2″ from the seam all the way around. Amgirl 11

8.) Stitch a line 1/2″ down from the seam all the way around the top of your skirt, leaving a 2 inch space to thread your elastic… and thread your 10″ piece of elastic through the casing.  (thread your elastic between the top and bottom layers). Amgirl 12

9.) Stitch the ends of the elastic together, and re-stitch up the hole. Amgirl 13

and  you’re done with a teeny tiny skirt for your American Girl doll! Amgirl 14

Don’t forget to hop over {here} or {here}to make a matching one for your favorite girl! Amgirl 15_edited-1 autie2 (1)