Girls Gymnastics Shorts

gymshorts5 copy

With the pair of Wonder Woman booty shorts in her drawer, and some spare metallic dance fabric leftover in my fabric stash…I thought I’d try to make a pattern for a pair of gymnastics shorts to boost Ivy’s gym wardrobe.

gymshorts2 copy

I am still working out the glitches, but along the way, I did find a REALLY fun way to hem really stretchy material painlessly (stay tuned) and a few pairs of imperfect gymnastics shorts.  I will continue to make a few adjustments when I find some to-die-for fabric, but I thought I’d share the pattern that I have so far!

gymshorts3 copy

Here is the pattern to get started:  Gymnastics Shorts Pattern


-1/4-1/2 yd of Dance/Swimwear metallic fabric

-small package of 3/8 inch Lightweight Clear Elastic ( I used Dritz brand)

-serger with coordinating thread (I used white thread so you can see my stitches.)

-sewing machine for hemming

1.) To get started, cut 2 on the fold of the pattern and serge the two small edges which make up the leg together as shown below:


2.) Get ready for some miracle hemming!  Use your clear elastic thread as shown below to make the hem on the bottom of the shorts.  Here’s how… (get excited–this changed my life!)


2a.) Start at the serged edge and line the edge of your elastic up with the raw edge of your leg as shown.


2b.) carefully, serge the elastic onto the raw edge all the way around the leg.  You can barely (and I mean barely) stretch the elastic as you go, but it doesn’t need much.   Do this around both legs.  Trim the elastic off once it overlaps with the start of your elastic as shown:


2c.)Once you’ve trimmed the elastic, you will easily be able to form a perfect hem with just the right amount of stretch around the bottom of the legs.  (I know, rad, right!?) Use a double needle to stitch the hem in place.


pretty little hems…


3.) Turn one piece right-side out and insert it into the inside of the other so that right-sides are together….Line up your serged leg edges and both corners at the top of your pieces.  Pin into place as shown…


4.) Starting from the top of one side, serge down and around the curve and finish at the top of the other side.

gym8 gym9 gym10

5.) When you turn your shorts right-side-out, you should get this:


6.) Create a Yoga band–cut a 2 1/2″ strip of your fabric that is a little shorter than the width of your daughter’s waist…


I cut mine right at 22 inches.


6.) Serge the raw edges together


7.) As shown in the next three photos, serge more clear elastic around the raw edge that makes up the waist of your short just as you did around each leg hole.

gym15 gym16 gym17

8.) Next, continue with the Yoga band as you would on any pant.  Fold it down so that raw edges meet.  Mark the front and back-centers of both the band and the shorts, as well as the sides, and serge the band on to your prepared waist of the shorts.  For a more detailed tutorial on how to attach a yoga waist band, check out {this post}


You’re done!

This is a work-in-progress pattern…I still feel like the area from the top of the leg and the waistband needs to be a little shorter…and maybe I”ll make the waistband a little thicker…If/when I perfect this, I will post again so you know!  My daughter loves her ‘Elvis shorts’  haha… and way more fun to make your own than pay an arm and a leg!