DIY Fun Summer Tee

I pretty much live in jeans/shorts and tees.

Every season.  When its colder, I add a sweater. (Granted, it doesn’t get very cold here, ever.)

I never seem to have enough tees, though.

(Except for those old Target V-necks with pockets that I still wear.)

So I thought I would share my new favorite tee with you.

I made a couple, and could use some more, in solid colors.

iCandy handmade Fun Summer Tee

This tee is fun for a few reasons.  The shoulder seam is dropped down a few inches to the front.

Fun Summer Tee2

This makes it easy to mix and match colors and patterns, and you get to see a bit of contrast on the front side too.

A solid color would look great as well.

Fun Summer Tee3

For this tee, I used some cream knit jersey for the back, and the leftover jersey ikat floral print from Mood Fabrics that I used to make this dress.

I wish I had bought more yardage because I love this print so much.

For my second tee, I had some light blue and white striped knit that I have had in my stash for ever.

Fun Summer Tee5

I used it for the back, with the leftover floral print that I used on my Faux Kimono, for the front.  This tee is a great way to use up small amounts of fabric.

Another fun detail is the side split.  The front is slightly higher than the back.

Fun Summer Tee4

I created a Free PDF Pattern, in size M.  You could easily resize it by folding a tee that fits you in half, and line up the fold side of the pattern.  Move the pattern in or out to match up with the tee, and add or trim off the extra.  You might have to lengthen or shorten the armholes a bit.


Pattern Map:

Pattern Map

  • Print (no Scaling, use Adobe Reader) out your pattern pieces and tape them together.  Trace 1 front pattern piece and 1 back pattern piece.
  • Cut out your pattern pieces and your neck band piece (dimensions on pattern)
  • To make the tee, follow the instructions here, with a few modifications.  You will still start by sewing the shoulder seam, even though they don’t sit on top of the shoulders.
  • For the neck band, you can follow the tutorial above, or you can sew both shoulder seams first, stitch the band together at the ends with a 1/4″ SA, and then follow this tutorial to insert the neck band.  This is what I did.
  • Ignore the pocket instructions
  • Fold the armhole under 1/2″ instead of 1/4″
  • Instead of sewing the side seams all the way down, stitch to about 1 1/2″ above the hem of the front side. Then fold back your seam allowances and stitch as shown below.  If you are using a serger to sew or finish the side seam, be sure to end the serging stitch about an inch above that.  Then fold up your hem, using a 1/2″ seam allowance.  I use knit stay tape for the hem and it works beautifully.

Side Split


Thats it! Super easy.

Happy Sewing.