Comfy Knit Lounge Pants Tutorial

lounge pant pin

I am so excited to share this fun and easy pattern with you for THE comfiest and cutest pajama pants…ever.

lounge pants 1

I love that the top is lower-waisted and semi-fitted so I don’t feel like a complete frump when I’m wearing them all morning.  I actually feel cute waltzing around the house, cleaning bathrooms and such.  In fact, I got the flu a little while ago and happened to wear these to bed the night before…and it made me feel a tiny bit better that even though I was sick-as-a-dog, I was sick-as-a-dog but in a cute kind of way.

lounge pants 2


lounge pants 6

On with the pattern!

Comfy Knit Lounge Pants Pattern

-Cut 2 of the pattern on the fold.  BUT, you will notice on the pattern that there is an angled line at the top indicating the back and the front cut lines.  check out the following pictures, and then I’ll make a suggestion!




loungepants2 loungepants3

My suggestion is that you cut 2 of the pattern using the ‘Back’ cut line.  Then once they’re both cut, flip one of them around (so that the raw edges are facing each other) and trim the front of each piece.

If you don’t do this, you may end up with two pieces cut exactly the same…which when you sew them together, won’t match up to fit over your bum.  I hope my suggestion made sense, and that the pics were clear!  This is what you SHOULD get:


-Next, lay both pieces down, one on top of the other with Right-Sides-Together.


-and with RST, serge or stitch along each of the curved lines, as seen below.

loungepants6 loungepants7

-Next, refold your pieces so that the to seams that you just stitched, meet.  (one in the back, one in the front)


-Serge or Stitch from the bottom of one leg, with RST, up to the curved areas, around the curve and back down the other leg.  easy!


-I like to serge around the bottom of both legs.


_Next make a simple yoga band by creating a tube of your knit fabric.  For me, I needed a rectangle that measures 20 inches around, and I wanted my waist band to be 5-6″ thick, so I cut it 12″ high.


-Serge the two ends together, to give you a 12″ high tube.


Fold it in half, and then attach this tube to your pants using this method {here}

-hem your pant legs (special tip…when hemming with knit, we always you Knit Stay Tape…it works wonders!)


lounge pants 5 lounge pants 3