Piper Pattern Review

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I’m thrilled to have the chance to share with you a new pattern on the block! One of our fabulous sponsors, Violette Field Threads, the home for zillions of darling patterns for both girls and…older girls…:), has recently turned one of their most popular girls patterns into a pattern in adult sizes!

The Piper dress or top features a classy Peter Pan collar in the front, a low-dipping neckline in the back complete with a fantastically large bow to cap it off.


You can choose to create a dress and pair it with a belt, or to create a top with the same darling embellishments.  I chose a classic heather and ivory striped knit fabric as my base and paired it with a pink floral for the collar and the bow on the back.  While this pattern works perfectly in either a cotton fabric, or a knit, I chose knit on my first attempt so I didn’t feel so bulky.  I don’t have much of a waistline (aka, I have a total boy body) so I thought the knit fabric shirt would be my best bet, but I’m now convinced I’d love a knit dress…


The pattern: completely easy project, though with all the frills, it looks like it’s complicated…it’s totally not!  To be honest, when I sew, there is generally some un-picking involved.  This project was so dead on with its explanations, and pictures, that there was no unpicking involved!  I love that!  I also love that there are so many different combinations within this one pattern: knit dress, knit top, cotton dress, cotton top.  You’ll never feel like you’re creating the same thing!


My alterations: I love, love, love the low-dipping back of this top, especially with the bow right in the center.  I brought up the back neckline just a bit, so I would be more comfortable in it, but that was the only change I made.  Anyway, I held the pattern up, and had my neighbor mark along my back where I needed the dip to end (plus a 1/4″ just in case), and then created a similar curve, just a couple of inches up.  I don’t think it compromised the integrity of the pattern, in fact, you probably can’t even tell.  As a rookies seamstress, though, I thought I’d mention that little alteration and also add that it was a super easy alteration to make, if you also want to take the back up!  It’s beautiful both ways!


 Photos by Alaina Pierce Photography

My outfit: So I picked out my fabrics with no forethought as to what I’d wear with my shirt when it was done!  So, when I finished, I sort of freaked out a little bit because I had no idea what to wear with it!  I liked the shirt…now what?  So I called up the  Wonder-Woman of fashion, Merrick, and pleaded for her help… Dark pencil skirt with some strappy wedges, and I think the outfit is complete!  How’d we do, Merrick?  (Navy Scalloped skirt from Downeast Basics, Navy Strappy wedges from Old Navy)

I love the this outfit!  It’s got just the right amount of fancy, and the bow in the back is perfection…gotta say, I felt awesome wearing it!…who doesn’t love a big bow?

The ladies of Violette Field Threads have so many fun patterns to choose from, and with the Piper as a new addition to their misses patterns, you will for sure find something you will love to make…and wear!

Get excited, iCandy is lucky enough to give away 3 Piper Misses pattern to 3 lucky readers!  All you have to do is:

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