DIY Baby Bibs

So we have reached the end of our fun DIY Babies series! Hasn’t it been great?
So much baby eye candy!

I am so grateful for all of our guests who have made my life easier as I have been adjusting to baby #3.

(Which has quite honestly been extremely challenging! I’ve decided I am too old to go without sleep)

Anyway, to close things out, I wanted to talk bibs.


Isabella spits up a lot.  So she pretty much wears a bib all day.  Since she has to do this, I thought I would make her some pretty ones.

As I was thinking about what kind of bibs to make, I received a fun package in the mail from Caila.  She made me a set of burpcloths and washcloths with cotton chenille backing.

I fell in love.

And made some more for myself and a friend who was expecting.


Tutorial for those washcloths was our first DIY Babies post!  It can be found (here).  Best things EVER.  The burpcloth tutorial can be found (here).

Anyway, I digress.  Back to the bibs.  When I received that package, I had my answer about the bibs.  I would make cotton bibs with chenille backing.  So cute and practical, as the chenille is absorbent.

So I ordered the chenille (here), found a free bib pattern (here) and pulled out a ton of fun quilting cottons that were in my stash and got to work.



I ended up with 10 in all shades of colors and prints.


I go through more than one a day so I am glad I made so many!



I decided to use a snap instead of velcro, because I hate washing velcro.  And the snap looks so much nicer.  I actually put snaps in two places so the bib would fit my baby better now, and we can use the second one when she is bigger. (Not shown)

For some reason, until now, snaps have intimidated me.  But this project showed me how silly that was.  They are the easiest closure out there!

I put together a little video tutorial on how to install snaps the easy way.  I am slowly working on getting my videos to look better!

(This is only my second one so bear with me)

Video Graphic