Hooded Towel Tutorial

hooded towel pin copy

With babies on the mind on our blog lately, I thought I’d share one of my go-to, easy-to-make baby gifts.  My friend Dawn taught me how to sew these years ago, and it’s been such a fun thing to know how to do!    Pair this with a bottle of baby shampoo and you’re set for your next baby shower!

hooded towel r copy

The problem with store-bought hooded bath towels is…they’re so small!  My babies out-grew theirs in no-time.  With that in mind, this is made using a bath towel and half of a hand towel.  Get a twofer going, and buy 2 bath towels and 1 hand towel and you’ll have 2 baby gifts in stock and ready to go!  I like to buy mine from TJ Maxx, etc because they’re really good quality towels, but on the cheap.

hooded towel a copy

The first step is to cut the hand towel right in half.   You can use a rotary cutter to do this, or just eyeball it along the fold line.  Set one half aside for your next towel.

hooded towel b1

You’ll start by making the hood from this hand towel.  With right-side facing up, fold the finished edge of your hand towel up about 4 inches like this:  (Depending on the style of towel  you purchased, you might have some sort of decorative design near the ends of you towels.  If you do, that’s fine, fold it somewhere around 4 inches, or whatever looks good with the design.)

hooded towel c1

I like to embellish my towels with grosgrain ribbon.  This is optional.  Also, if you have a decorative design on the end of your towel, you can still use ribbon to embellish, just do it above, below or on that design, depending on what looks the best to you.

Lay out where you’d like your ribbon to sit, pin it into place and stitch it down through one layer of the towel.

hooded towel d1

After your ribbon is attached, re-fold your towel to the 4 inch mark and pin it in place on each side as seen in the below picture.

hooded towel e1

Stitch these sides in place about a 1/4 from the side.

hooded towel f1

Once the sides are stitched down, I also like to stitch down right along the manufacturers edge of the towel.  If you choose not to do this, you’ll just create a sort of pocket.

hooded towel g1

Next, fold your hand towel over on itself as shown below.

hooded towel h1

The next part is also optional.  If you choose not to do this step, you’ll have a cute little pointy hood.  Either way is good.  To insure you don’t have a point, take a plate or a glass, and either use a rotary cutter, or mark the curve with a marker and cut with scissors along the corner of the towel that is adjacent to the raw edge and the folded edge.  This is the upper-right-hand corner in the picture below.  (In the picture above, it is the upper left-hand corner.)

hooded towel i1 hooded towel j1

Once cut, pin it in place to make sure you have both layers.

hooded towel k1

Sew along that edge.  In addition to the regular stitch, I also serged that seam.  You could also use a zig-zag stitch to make sure it doesn’t unravel or fray to much in the wash.

hooded towel l1

When you turn the “hood” inside out, it should look like this:

hooded towel m1

Now it’s time to attach the hood to the towel.

I have to lay my stuff out the way I want it to look, or my brain won’t wrap around which side I’m supposed to sew to which side.  So, please excuse me, if these pictures are only for dummies like me!  You want your towel to look like this when it’s done…

hooded towel n1

So, matching up the center fold on both the hand towel-hood and the bath towel’s center fold, flip the hood inside-out and pin it in place from the center out (towards the edge of the ‘hood’).  Repeat for both sides.

hooded towel o1 hooded towel p

Once it’s pinned, begin sewing.  Make sure to back-stitch on both ends, and sew very, very slowly.  At some points, you may have to even use your hand to move the needle up and down.  You are sewing through many layers of thick towel, and your sewing machine might not love it.  Rest assured, though…regardless of what kind of sewing machine you have, it can do it!  I have a very basic machine with no fancy whistles or horsepower…if mine can do it, so can yours…just….go….slow.

hooded towel q

That’s it!  Super easy, right?   Don’t forget you need to make another one with the other half of the hand towel!

hooded towel r copy

Also, if you want to get crazy, you could trim out your bath towel edges with the same ribbon as the hood has on it. To make it matchy-matchy.  Or, you could swap out colors of hand towels and bath towels and make them multi-colored, no one said they HAD to match.  Or, add a ruffle on.  I hope you stash this away for your next shower present–these towels are THE BEST!

hooded towel s copy

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