Valentine Sweater Refashion

vday sweater refashion copy


This week, I had a last minute Valentine sweater idea…

It may have come from somewhere around 1982, but I enjoy a good pink and red combo around Valentines day, so I thought I’d give it a try…blast from the past, or not!


vday sweater refashion 1 copy


I thought I’d put a surprise heart on the back, too.

I started out with a hand-me-down, pink cardi from Target and swatch of red felted wool. (I’m pretty sure the felted wool used to be an old wool jacket that I washed in hot hot water).

I cut the swatch of felted wool up into different sized and shaped hearts, and layed them out, randomly.


vday sweater refashion 3 copy

Next, I pinned each of them down so I could sew around the perimeter.  (the tiny ones I just sewed a ‘V’ shape.

uhh…that’s it.

vday sweater refashion 4


This was literally a project that popped into my head, that I had all of the supplies for and that I could whip it all out in about a half an hour…I love that kind.  Do I look like an old grandma?  haha.  Either way, I’ll be sportin’ my ‘new’ cardi on Friday (V-day)


vday sweater refashion 2 copy


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