Frayed Appliqued Sweatshirt

I don’t know about you but I really love wearing sweatshirts right now.  Well- at least when the weather is cools down below 65… which has been pretty rare this winter…

OK  I will stop… Sorry friends living in the midwest or the east coast!

Anyway, back to sweatshirts.  They are comfy, can be dressed up or down, and there are so many refashion possiblities! Lace, words, embellishments… its endless.

So I happened to find this $10 sweatshirt at Old Navy.  Gray, my favorite.  I knew I could make it interesting.

Frayed Appliqued Sweatshirt Long

It also needed to be a quick project – that’s all I have time for these days! You know, new baby and all.  (Though I am craving some serious sewing time!)

Frayed Appliqued Sweatshirt Med

Then I thought of this fun technique that I had almost forgot about..  Remember this child’s tee and this rose tee?  I thought I would bring the frayed applique into 2014.  With a geometric design.  I am loving triangles.

Frayed Appliqued Sweatshirt Close Up

I just pulled some cream gauze out of my scrap bin and freehand drew this triangle design with a washable fabric marker.  Sewed over the lines, cut around the stitching, washed and dryed it.  20 mins!

Frayed Appliqued Sweatshirt Detail

Click here for the full tutorial.

The possibilities are endless!

PS… Here is my post photo shoot photo.  My favorite.  Taken with an iPhone and it turned out better than my other over-exposed ones.  (Still don’t know why that happened!)

Frayed Appliqued Sweatshirt Cuddles