Pillowcase Nightgowns Take 2

This post was somehow lost in the transfer…
I don’t know whether you remember one of my very first posts on this blog, but I made Emily a bunch of pillowcase nightgowns.
Well, Emily is now growing out of those cute nightgowns, so I knew it was time to make some more.
Recently, I came across this picture on Pinterest:
Source via Pinterest
Adorable, right?
She took a vintage dress and added lace to make a cute dress for her daughter.
Well, like so many things on Pinterest that I see (I am addicted) it was immediate inspiration for
pillowcase nightgowns take 2
I had some pillowcases that never got used the first time around, and my mom sent me some too.
(I currently have about 10 more to make!)
 I purchased some wide stretch lace from
Lace Heaven, the best and cheapest place to buy lace trim.
The beautiful stretch lace showed up a few days later and I got to work!
The best thing about these are how quick they are to make! Less than an hour a piece.
Though I loved the last version, they weren’t really a quick project.
So if any little girls in your life are in need of pretty little nightgowns,
you can whip a couple of these out in an evening!

Materials Needed

2- 2 1/2″ wide stretch lace
matching thread
I made these 22 1/2″ long, for a 5-year-old of average height and weight.
My lace band was 22″ long, and each of my straps were 11″ long.

OK, so don’t make your stitches exactly like that…

And thats it! You’re done.
After you cut about a million threads.