Pencil Skirt Refashion Tutorial

A little while ago, I was in Anthropologie, and I saw the cutest pencil skirt.  It was actually being worn by one of the sales people.  I asked her about it and she showed me where it was in the store.

Immediately, because this is where my mind always goes, I thought of how I could make one like it.

Fast forward a few weeks.  I was rummaging through my closet, and saw this black pencil skirt that I never wear.  It is so boring!  So I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to refashion.

There are so many fun sort of fabrics you could use for embellishment.  I decided to use a fun black and white print I have in my stash, most recently used here.  Color would have been fun too, I just didn’t have the right colorful print and didn’t have time to go shopping.

I really love how it turned out.  I just wish I had more pencil skirts to make over!

Want to make one?

Pencil Skirt
Fun fabric
Heat ‘n’ Bond (or some similar product)
Pattern Paper

1. Lay your pencil skirt onto some pattern paper.  Trace around.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.
2. Start marking the centers so you can create your design.

3. Draw your design.  This is what I came up with.
4. Get out your Heat ‘n’ Bond.  You will need to cut a piece just larger than your design.

5. Iron your Heat ‘n’ Bond onto your fabric, on the wrong side.  You will have the second layer of paper facing the top.
6. Trace your design onto the Heat ‘n’ Bond.  Add 1/4″ “seam allowance” all around each piece of your design for turning under.
7. Cut out your pieces.

8. With the paper still on the Heat ‘n’ Bond, fold under your “seam allowances”
9. Iron down the “seam allowances”
10. Mark the center of your skirt, on the top right under the waist band, and the hem.  Do the same for your main embellishment piece.
11. Peel your paper off your embellishment pieces.  You will still have your “seam allowance” creases.

12, Position your main embellishment piece onto your skirt, matching pins.  Iron down.
13. Trim sharp edges of small embellishment strips
14. Position all embellishment pieces
15. Iron everything down securely.

16.  Your edges will not be stuck down, as the fabric was folded under.  Topstitch around all edges, making sure to pull your skirt lining out of the way.


Enjoy your new skirt!