Yoga Mat Sling

It is National Sewing Month, and it also happens to be Waverly’s 90th anniversary!  (you know Waverly, right?  that amazing aisle at the fabric store is chock full of beautiful Waverly fabric that we all covet.)

I was posed a challenge…
To Waverize something in my life.
To spice-up the items that I use everyday with the colorful, iconic designs of Waverly Fabric.
I was excited to accept the challenge!
Jo-Ann and Waverly teamed up on this challenge and provided me with 2 yards of mystery fabric.  I had no idea what it would look like, and therefore could not determine what to do with it before-hand.
I was completely caught off-guard when I opened my surprise cut of fabric…I was imagining something toile, or damask, or quatrefoil…This was funky and bright and could have easily gone in my girls room with the bright colors.
But, I opted to make myself a little sling bag for my homeless yoga mat

I wanted to make it big enough so that I didn’t have to insure that my bag had to be tightly rolled up. I just wanted to be able to slip it in there easily and quickly.

and, it’s got a round bottom, which I’ve never attempted before.

1- 30″ x 18.75″ (bag piece)
1- 8″ x 40″ (strap piece)
and 1-6 inch diameter circle ( I used a cereal bowl that was exactly 6 inches)

Start by folding the 18.75 side of the bag piece of fabric over 1/4″ to make a small hem and stitch:

Next, fold that hem down another inch to create a casing, and again stitch right along the edge.  Set aside.

Next, you’re going to construct the strap.  Take your piece and iron it in half so you can have a mid line crease.  Then fold one side to the middle:

Repeat for the other side, so both long, raw edges meet in the middle.

Next fold one folded edge over to meet the other folded edge.

You’ll get this: (pin in place)

Then sew a line along the 2 folded edges.  done.

Grab that bag piece again, and pin the strap two inches down from the casing.

Stuff the  rest of the length of the strap deep inside the bag piece so as not to accidentally stitch in unawares.

pin the other piece of the strap, insuring that it’s not all twisted-sister on you, about 3 inches from the other side of the bag piece.  Like so:

Serge or stitch along the long raw edge of the bag piece.  This will secure the strap into place.  Now you’re left with a tube with a strap inside.

Grab your circle and you’re going to attach it to the bottom, raw edge of your bag.

Pin it like a crazy girl, and sew around the perimeter.

( I had to make sure my mat fit…you better, too!)

This is what I got from JoAnn to use as the sincher.  All you have to do is thread the cord through the casing.  Then you melt the ends togetherwith a lighter so that it wont ray, and then thread that through the toggle.  Tie the cording in a knot and you’re done!

I love the Home-Dec fabric from Waverly because they are high-quality fabrics and they are a sturdy weight which is awesome for bags, kindle cases, recovering chairs, throw pillows, etc.
Now that I’ve shown you how I “Waverized it” it’s your turn.  Enter the facebook contest with a creation of your own!  The grand prize for the Facebook contest is $1,000 in Waverly Fabric and $250 Jo-Ann gift card.  (awesome!)