Sewing Summit Blog Takeover

Hi! I’m Jessica from Running with Scissors! A group of us got this fun idea to randomly choose another blogger to follow around at Sewing Summit and then take over their blog to tell about that person. Jen was the name I drew:
I’m thrilled to visit here to highlight a little about meeting Jen at Sewing Summit last weekend!
You already know how talented and creative this lady is from this blog, but she is even more amazing in person!
Jen is so fun.
She and Caila seem like they grew up together and I was shocked this was only the second time they’ve been able to hang out in person.
Together they were the life of the party.
Here’s Jen in the open sew late at night, I think she was making so many friends she didn’t get a chance to sew on those fancy Bernina machines on this occasion.
In the down time when we were able to hang out, I loved how open and honest Jen was. She is really funny and tells stories really well.
I loved hearing about her fashion design class she took in college where a matronly bathing suit earned her an A because her professor was 80 years old and mostly cared about a high neckline and wide straps for modesty. 
Did you also know she knows how to drive a huge truck? 
 A job required her to drive across the state of Utah to make a delivery…it was a great story.
We were able to take a fabric printing class together from Miriam Tribe.
Jen’s turned out better than mine and her swan blouse got a lot of attention.
Don’t we all want one?
We were able to take classes on business side of blogging, sewing techniques, or create actual projects.
Some of my favorite moments were when we ate dinner all together at night and had a chance to chat.
Jen also got the info out of Heather Bailey in her key note speech that Heather is producing a line of apparel fabric coming out this spring!!
The weekend went so fast…too fast.
Jen has talent, creativity, and can design and sew clothing.
But I found all of these gifts are just the tip of the ice berg.
More importantly, Jen is a caring friend, an amazing mom and all around beautiful woman.
I feel so lucky to have had the chance to meet her, laugh late into the night at her hilarious stories, be inspired by her ideas, and receive much needed advice from her.
It’s just a cool experience to admire someone’s blog, then meet them in person and they just blow you away for who they really are.
She is amazing and hopefully you’ll get a chance to meet her in person some day as well, and hopefully I’ll get to hang out with her again sometime soon.
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