Contrast Shoulder Slouch Tee

A while ago, I bought a really cute white top at H&M.  It is white and made out of a rayon-like material, with lace shoulders.  I have found myself reaching for this tee quite a bit, and not liking my tighter fitting tees quite as much.

It is such a great top that I thought I would reproduce it and share the pattern with you!  I made this one out of knit, but it would work just as well with any flowy material.

It is basically a boxy top, with shoulder panels made out of a contrasting material.  I chose lace for this top, but you could try a different fabric, a sheer chiffon fabric, etc.

I did a nice wide armband to complete the look, and finished the neckline with a cool knit binding technique that I discovered on Kitschy Koo.

I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.  I have two more in the works that I plan on making soon.

P.S.- This is the perfect use for those thin knits that you aren’t quite sure what to do with! This was one of the thinnest knits in my stash and I love how it looks!

If you are interested in making one for yourself, I created a pattern for download.  You can find it here.  It is based on an H&M size 10 top, which is very loose fitting.  I usually wear a medium in almost all tops.

1 yard knit or flowy fabric
Small amount of contrast fabric- lace, chiffon, contrasting colored fabric

Download pattern here

Cut all pattern pieces and bands out.  If you use a woven fabric, cut your neckband on the bias and extend it out a few inches.

For knits, you can use the excellent binding tutorial I mentioned above, or use another method. There are several tutorials out there.  If you used a woven material for the top, You will not use that tutorial.  You will bind it as you would with bias tape.

Last, hem your top.  A double needle always works best for hems on knits.  I folded up mine 1″.