Contact Paper

Guys, this is a breakthrough…
Did you know that you can use plain-old unromantic Contact Paper (like the shelf-liner stuff) from your grocery store, just like vinyl that you would use in your Cricut (and I assume sillhouette, but I don’t have one of those, so I guess I don’t know for sure!

My friend asked me if I’d help her make a sign for her boyfriend’s birthday…it was a basic stenciling project, so I was happy to help her.  But, it always makes me cringe a little to use a sheet of vinyl for a stenciling project when all you’re going to do is spray paint over it, and then throw it away.  They’re too expensive to just waste like that!
So, I thought I’d try contact paper out on this project, and worse-case-scenario, I’d just have to re-cut the project on with vinyl.

I pretended that I was using the good stuff:

I set my Cricut to low speed, and low pressure (which they call a kiss cut) so that it will cut through just the top layer of the ‘vinyl/contact paper’ and leave the backing unscathed.

I peeled it off, just like the good stuff…I used transfer paper, adhered it to my board (…yes, another cupboard door project) and sprayed over it .

When the paint was dry, I carefully peeled off the contact paper…and it was flawless!

…and then I found this piece of awesome at Home Goods the other day, and just about died.

Just think of all the fun prints they have in contact paper!  The possibilities are endless…