Little Red’s Quilt

Before Scarlet was born, we started calling her little red…
and I’ve loved all the Lilttle Red Riding hood fabrics and bedrooms that I’ve seen out recently.  So, I had a fun idea for a personalized quilt for my very own Little Red.
I started out with 2 charm packs.
I play a fun game with myself when I make charm quilts:
I stick all of the squares in a paper bag and shake them up, and lay them out one at a time as I pull them out.  After they’re all laid out, I get 3 trades (just in case there are two of the same fabric squares next to each other)
 Then I put a simple red border around the charm squares followed by a 2 inch border of plain white cotton, and here’s where the fun started.  I wrote a little story about my Scarlet that I embroidered all the way around the quilt: (embroidery 101 here)
Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little girl named Scarlet. 
 She had long dark eyelashes, 
curly brown hair and the most darling smile in all the land. 
 She was a good girl who always cared for others.  
She loved to wear red, 
make new friends 
and have picnics in the woods.  
Her brother and sister loved her so, 
and her family endearingly called her Little Red…
 I finished it off with a bigger boarder of some yardage from the same Moda line that I used (A Walk in the Woods), and then bound it (find out how I bind my quilts here)
 I love this quilt for Scarlet!  The embroidery part took longer than I expected…I wrote a lot of words, but I’ve been wanting to do this for her so bad, it was easy to push through.  I hope she has fun with it as she grows up!
(and now you know why I really wanted her to have a little red riding hood!)
 I think you could do this with any princess fabric for your little girls, or even a personalized super hero story for your little guys…make a cute little quilt to match their room, and then embroider a story about them around the perimeter…
I hope this gives you some inspiration to make one, too!